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[EB] Anavar 10mg x 100
[LA] Cypionate 250mg[LA] Cypionate 250mg
[LA] Stanozolol 10mg x 100
[LA] Sustanon 400mg[LA] Sustanon 400mg
[LA] Testoviron 250mg[LA] Testoviron 250mg
[LA] Tren E 200mg[LA] Tren E 200mg
[LA] Oxandrolone 10mg x 30
[LA] Boldenone 250mg[LA] Boldenone 250mg
[BD] Arimidex  1mg x 30
[LA] Stanozolol 50mg[LA] Stanozolol 50mg
[BD] Halotestin 10mg x 30
[LA] Tri Tren 200mg[LA] Tri Tren 200mg
[LA] Masteron Propionate 100mg[LA] Masteron Propionate 100mg
[OR] Sustanon 250 (1 box = 3 amps)[OR] Sustanon 250 (1 box = 3 amps)
[LA] Halotestin 10mg x 30